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19-Oct-2016Get Fascinated by the Charm of London

Being the home of British monarch coronations, London is one eye orgasmic venue over here. Multi dimensional views of so many renowned entities and amazing venues that find their place into the core of London, makes it one venue to look out for. And that is what it is about if you have got no one around to get the best out of London; you are still lift with a plenty of options, such as the Elite London escort. Some places to mark your presence are:

The Buckingham Palace

It happens to be the home of London and administrative headquarters of the British monarch. It is placed at the center of the Westminster city, this has always managed to attract people with its gallantry state occasions and royal geniality. It was initially known as Buckingham House, this palace happens to be a base of a large townhouse formed for the Duke of Buckingham in 1703 and since that period of time, it has been the residence to various symbolic and kings and queens.

Big Ben

Big Ben caters for a nickname for the Great Bell of the Palace Of Westminster. This huge clock has been named by various titles in the past viz the Elizabeth tower (in honor of celebrating the diamond jubilee of Elizabeth II) and then it was again renamed and addressed simply by Clock Tower.

The British Museum

If you are an enthusiast of history, art and culture, then you would never like to miss the aura of the British Museum. This beautiful museum puts forward the works and illustrations which come together from all continents and cultures that tell so many tales which are intriguing and at the same time, captivating. Although the museum has no collections of natural history in forms of books and manuscripts as of today’s date, it still has those universally acclaimed and precious artifacts that talk of the cultural aspects of the world, that too both modern and ancient. And while the moments you visit this venue, catering for your need of a companion is Mega Models escort services.

Westminster Abbey

The Westminster Abbey happens to be one of the largest Gothic and religious churches in the city of Westminster. It contains all the stories of ugly, horror, weird and kinky confessions. Rumors say that the initial knowledge regarding the beginning of the abbey forms the basis on late tradition that says that a fisherman, named Aldrich, witnessed a glimpse of Saint Peter at a venue just beside the river Thames. This multi-faceted abbey also contains a huge museum in its courtyard, titled ‘the Westminster Abbey Museum’, which is aptly placed beneath the 11th century’s monks’ dormitory which has the potential to fascinate you just by its sight.