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04-Jun-2016Must Visit Destinations – Chelsea

Chelsea is one of the exotic places and is known for its Royal style. Looking for a beautiful site to spend peaceful moments of life, or want to take a vacation or break from hectic work. Whatever be the cause, the city never fails to impress one. People come all around from world to breath in the exotic air, and are the part of the excitement of the city.

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For your ease and comfort, we have also compiled a list of best 10 destinations to hit in Chelsea with your perfect escort.

10 Must Visit Destinations in Chelsea

  • Chelsea Historic District

The popular 19th century architecture separated into several blocks represents the beautiful styles of Italy, Greece and many other countries. Take a long walk here for some quality time with your escort.


  • Clement Clarke Moore Park

The Clarke Family Manor House, this beautiful site is located at the 10th Avenue and 22nd Street.


  • The Muffin House

Built in 1850, this house is the ideal place for all the muffin fans out there. Bring your hired girl here and taste every flavor of the muffin.


  • Limelight Club

Groove all night at the Limelight Club! Built in 1983, it is the city’s one of the oldest clubs yet quite popular among the youth. Impress your hired girl with those hot break dance moves.


  • Rubin Art Museum

Not only a museum, butRubin Art Museum is also home to various special events of the city. Enjoy the delight at the museum’s Café with your escort.


  • Starchitecture

Starchitecture is the place to worship, that is, it shapes the land of Chelsea.


  • Chelsea Flower Market

Buy and gift your hired girl a lot of beautiful flowers, from the Chelsea Flower Market, where the prices are quite cheap and affordable.


  • The Joyce theatre

An exceptional dance theater of the city, enjoy dance performances here and be the part of vivid hues with your escort in Chelsea.


  • Maritime Hotel

Book this hotel in advance because the bookings will be soon full, that is the pride of this hotel. Book in advance and enjoy a classy night with your hired escort.


  • Highline

One of the prettiest parks of the city, take long walks and stroll with your hired girl all around the park, surrounded by nature.